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  ‘s are life.  If she doesn’t want Tacos, we don’t know what to tell you.  Late nights eats for the #tacodiet  Look at that look!!!  Good Morning.
 Laurenemduran celebrated her 30th at our restaurant. Thank You for choosing us.  ❤️🇲🇽  Do Tacos  for dinner sound appetizing?  Blue heaven is alive. #gododgers  Eat 's:::Help 🇲🇽 Share/Like #fuerzamexico #tacoselgavilan Tuesday 8pm-Midnight 100% donated 9/26/17
 My face when I see Tacos.  10 Fwy @ Azusa Ave in West Covina w/ Drive Thru  Go Dodgers!!! #tacoselgavilan  Any idea on what the final score will be tonight? Post your guess now!!!  Building the first ever Mexican Restaurant with a Double Drive Thru. Feeling Prideful. Washington & Central #southlosangeles #tacos

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